How Airasia started – where the history begins?

Air Asia made an entry in the market in the year 1993 but started its operations in 1996.In the year 2001; Tony Fernandes bought the crippling airline for twenty five percent and changed it into a low cost carrier terminal. Tony Fernandes believes in simplicity discipline, focus and single mindedness. This enabled him change the airline from short haul to long haul trips resulting to two different set of firms.
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There are two separate marketing and management teams. There are two separate sets of pilots, crew and flight engineers. The teams work together without the other depending on the other or one team being superior to the other.
The two sets of airlines use a similar mode of operation. Efficiency being the top most priority in meeting demands and a good profit margin achieved. The airline so far provides the cheapest mode of travel across Asia. They also constantly providing cheap flight booking promotions such as AirAsia Zero fare promotion and AirAsia Big Sale promotion. Those offers greatly benefits customers that love to book their ticket online.
The airline does not charge Admin fee but charges some amount for services in the plane, which are not charge on other airlines. The airline offers no frills and a low fare. The airlines main base is at Kuala Lumpur while its other hubs are at Penang and KotaKinabalu International Airports. The airline carries around 10 million persons in a year and fills an aircraft in just twenty-five minutes. Air Asia operates more than two hundred lights in a day to more than seventy-seven routes covering Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and many more countries.
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AirAsia Vision

  • To be the best and cheap airline in Asia in order to give affordable service to billions of people and enable them travel to many places across the region.

AirAsia Mission

  • To be the best company where employees are most valued
  • To maintain a high quality, reduced cost, embrace technology and give the best service to its customers.
  • To create a universally acknowledged ASEAN brand

Things that are important to Air Asia include:

  • Safety
  • Each person working with the airline values the safety of both the passengers and themselves. Employees adhere to regulations concerning ways of managing people and maintain the equipment.

Cost efficiency when taking AirAsia flight

  • Low costs in order for everyone to afford and be able to fly. They reduce wastage, increase efficiency and spear for the best value in the airlines spending. The better the costs, the more affordable is the fare.
  • Efficiency and collaboration
  • There is lots of passion and experience amongst the employees. New ways of improving on the airlines state is a realized easily.

Subsidiaries of Air Asia

Due to AirAsia nice strategy, they have grow to different countries in such a short time. Watch the Youtube video below to see Tony Fernandes  speechs on how AirAsia started.

Air Asia Indonesia
The Indonesian government lists the airline as category one for its splendid safety. It is based in Jakarta and Its fleet has over five Boeing 737 to 300 and over ten airbus A320 to operates from Solo, Jakarta and many more other towns.
Air Asia Thai
It is a joint venture between Thailand aviation and Air Asia. it serves international and domestic flights in Thailand and based in Bangkok. Domestic flights started in 2004
Air Asia Philippines
Its headquarters are in Clark international Airport. Its focus is on international flights.
Air Asia X
It started its operations in 2007.the airline is operated as a franchise brand. The common ticketing used, management and employee uniform common to Air Asia has made the airline operate on low costs.
Air Asia Japan
Was established in 2011 and it is based in Narita .it uses brands of Air Asia and its destinations include South Korea, Taiwan and Philippines.

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