AirAsia X 20% Off Exclusive Promo for CIMB Bank Debit Card

The CIMB bank or the Islamic Bank Debit card for Air Asia X has offered a 20 percent off promotion for air travels in Japan, china, Taiwan, South Korea and Nepal. The promotion is not competitive compared to other Air Asia X promotions because it is offered for limited time only. The booking period is between 11th of June to 17th of June this year while the travel period is between 11th June to 3rd august 2013. Note that advanced booking is vital and during the embargo period, the fares are not available.


Please check the list below to know the conditions for booking

  1. The booking of seats is done at This is made with the help of CIMB/Islamic bank debit card found in Malaysia
  2. The 20 percent discount is subjected to airfare only; this excludes taxes, insurance, and other auxiliary services.
  3. In each flight, the number of seats to be booked is limited and the bookings are accepted depending on the availability of the seats.
  4. The fares comprise of the all charges including taxes and fees and are paid by the Islamic Bank/CIMB bank debit card.
  5. This fare is not applicable to the rest of the Air Asia X promotions.
  6. You can read the terms and conditions of the carriage at

The CIMB bank has joined hands with the Air Asia X flights to offer 20 percent to travelers from Kuala Lumpur to South Korea, Japan, China, Nepal and Taiwan. This is an exclusive promotion by the CIMB bank Debit card. Therefore, ensure that you enter the six digits in your card before the booking. The 20 percent is for both tickets. Some of the examples of the promotions are highlighted below.

If you are travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Chengdu China, the usual price of one-way travel is you RM419.00. On applying the 20 percent discount, you attain RM344.75, hence saving a total of RM74.25. You save a total of RM91.75 for the return ticket since the usual ticket price is RM512.75 and in discounting, you get RM475.25. The overall ticket in total is RM820.00.

For those travelling to Japan (Osaka) from Kuala Lumpur, the regular ticket amounts RM419.75 and on discounting, you get RM269.75. This saves you RM79.25. The regular price for the return ticket is RM561.75 while the discounted ticket is RM411.75 saving you RM79.25.

From Kuala Lumpur to Taipei Taiwan, the regular one-way ticket costs RM419.75 while the discounted ticket costs RM249.00. The usual return ticket amounts to about RM457.75 and the discounted ticket goes for RM382.75. This will save you a total of RM74.50.

The trip from Kuala Lumpur to Kathmandu Nepal on a one-way travel costs RM344.75 and the discounted return ticket is RM466.75 saving you RM104.25. The total costs of the ticket becomes RM811.50.

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