CIMB AirAsia Savers Account Review

CIMB in collaboration with AirAsia has been offering their savings account holders plenty of perks and goodies that include; priority flight bookings for AirAsia tickets, one day in advance than what the general public get, free flight tickets, vouchers, E-gift coupons and many more other such offers. Also available, when average monthly balance of RM 3,000 is maintained by a member, account holders are gifted with a special Birthday E-gift voucher. What’s more, if account holders do not make over-the-counter monetary transactions and maintain a minimum balance of RM 5,000, they receive a rebate of RM 5 in that month and every month they do the same.

cimb savers accountSince the AirAsia Savers Account plan was launched in 2009, the bank has seen and exponential rise in account openings and this has been a major reason for CIMB to celebrate. 2012 was also the Savings Account’s third year anniversary, the bank presented its 300,000th customer with 1,000,000 BIG Points. The popularity of this scheme was due to a higher rate of interest (1.6%) that has been offered to account holders, along with travel rewards, cash rebates, etc. Also, account holders can earn up to 250 AirAsia big Loyalty Points, if their average quarterly balance is at a minimum of RM 1,500. The big points work in tie-up with AirAsia and will help customers redeem hotel vouchers, flight tickets promotion, and free merchandise, all for as low as 100 points apiece.

The process is easy enough, account holders just need to sign up for the BIG Global loyalty program, which will enable them to receive a welcome gift in the form of 250 big loyalty points. The bank has decided to celebrate this benefit by launching a campaign that will include AirAsia gift vouchers worth RM 50,000 and a giveaway prize of three million BIG points.

big loyalty programme

Also included shall be five Grand Prizes worth RM 10,000 each of AirAsia e-gift vouchers and forty special prizes as well worth 25,000 BIG points. 100 special winners a month will also be able to win 5,000 BIG Points each.

All of these benefits mentioned above are a great way to ensure addition of more AirAsia Savings Accounts holders, not to mention the prizes, gifts and special rebates have played a great role in adding to the list of customers for CIMB. Also, entering the contests is easy, as is opening up the account itself.

Therefore, if you are are flying AirAsia many time, be sure to head to their website and enroll in the AirAsia Savers Account today.

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