AirAsia X Buy One Free One ticket promo

AirAsia X is the budget airline which operates from Malaysia. This airline is managed by AirAsia X Sdn. Bhd. Previously it was referred to as FlyAsianXpreess Sdb.Bhd. The airplane started its operations in 2007 first flying from International Airport of Kuala Lumpur up to Gold Coast Airport in Australia. The airplane regularly flies to the destinations that are within Asia and the Oceania and operates around 14 aircrafts.

Currently, the airline is offering the guests with an opportunity where they can plan for the future flights at a cheap price. The airline is charging a significantly lower price of RM 299 one way to customers flying from Kuala Lumpur up to Busan (Seoul) in Korea. Once the passenger has purchased the ticket he or she is accorded a free ticket for his or her friends. The special offer for the bookings runs from 1st July 2013 to 30th April, 2014.

airasia x ticket promo

Airasia X’s Buy One Ticket Get a Free Ticket

The guests using the airline are entitled to a free ticket once they have purchase one ticket at the promotion offer. The promotion is available for the passengers flying to AirAsia X’s destinations. The passengers flying from Kuala Lumpur up to Taiwan (Taipei) are charged MYR 399, those flying to Japan, China and Australia (Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, and Gold Coast) are charged MYR 499, the ones flying to Nepal (Kathmandu) are charged MYR 599*, and those flying to Saudi Arabia (Jeddah) are charged 699. Any guest can book for the tickets from the website;

Airasia X’s Buy One Free One Promotion Terms

The following are the terms and conditions that apply for to all beneficiaries of the promotion:

  • Payment is mainly through credit, charge, or debit cards.
  • A processing fee which is non-refundable is charged to all the people booking for the flights.
  • The fare charged will include all the fuel surcharges (for those flying to or from Europe), airport exports (except for the airports where the tax is collected at the port), and carbon offset surcharge.
  • All the fares are quoted for one way flight as outlined in the promotion.
  • Taxes must be during the ticket purchase unless there are other conditions stated.
  • Guests must produce all the travelling documents required.
  • The promotion fares and booking will only be done from the website only.
  • To get the promotion, the guests must apply at least two tickets and they should not exceed eight tickets.

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