AirAsia vs Malindo Airways showdown

AirAsia has been the leading travel airline in Asia with its capital having being in Kuala Lumpur but recently moved to Jarkata. The airline offers services for both international and domestic clients serving up to more than 75 destinations covering over 24 countries. One of the airlines flourishing center is the Low Cost Carrier Terminal commonly termed as LCCT based at the headquarter- Kuala Lumpur. Other hubs are in Clark, Narita, Don Mueang and Soekarno-Hatta. The recent establishment of Malindo Air has brought the major AirAsia versus Malindo Air showdown. malindo airways airasia
Air Asia is exceptional in that its flight cost is considerably low as contrasted to Malindo Air. In fact, AirAsia always gives promotion for online booking and has the lowest cost in the whole world of 0.023 USD. For example, a flight from LCCT to Kuching costs a passenger 26(RM) for instance and in addition to these there are more routes covered by AirAsia. The travel airline is anticipated to improve its profit by more than 15% at the end of 2013 because of the promising branches: Thailand, Malaysia, Japan and Indonesia.
The airline has turnaround period of 25 minutes with an outstanding use rate of thirteen hours in a day. The client service at AirAsia if exceptional in that the crew is well trained and experienced to attend to the clients. In the current AirAsia vs Malindo showdown debate, Compared to Malindo Air, the experience of AirAsia is by far more comprehensive, having served its clients for a long time. The newly opened Malindo Air has raised a good challenge to AirAsia. It brings with it the positive competition for AirAsia to be more aggressive in the market.
The major hurdle for Malindo Airways, with it being new in the market, is to set flight prices that will give it the profits to run the airline on one side, and compete with the exceptional low prices charged by AirAsia. The major question is whether Malindo Air will hit the ground running by providing first class services at a very low cost.

AirAsia has online services that enable clients to access services such as booking, cancellations, promotions and membership. One of these promotions is AirAsia’s program that has provided both members and non-members to book free for travelling in between January 1to April 30 2014 to all destinations. In consideration for its clients, AirAsia has planned to install Wi-Fi in the planes in addition to the duty-free services to be established by July 2013.
Other remarkable services that are offered by AirAsia for instance the travel protection cover that caters for accidents, flight cancellations, damage or loss of luggage and travel help services for 24 hours. This notwithstanding, there is a special sector that deal with cargo details. The other services that a people would be interested in is the Kids Club, the Megastore, RedTix and Asia Go, which have a range of exciting and helpful facilities.
Interested people from all over the world have the opportunity to login on the GoCoperate and the Travel agents available over the internet. The Face book, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and AirAsia Blog are channels that clients can use to get more details in addition to the official website.

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