Airasia MATTA Fair 2013 flight promotion

The MATTA 2013 is short for Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents. As you can probably guess, this where many Tour and Travel agent meet to give amazing package deals to their valued customers. It will be held on March 14 to 17 at Putra World trade Center You can grab yourself a secure and incredibly cheap holiday packages in Malaysia. This can save you a lot of money as you can get an amazing deal at the lowest price thanks to great discounts offered .
matta fair promotion
The MATTA fair 2013 will be attended by more than 90,000 guests all looking to secure a good deal. There will be 984 booths inclusive those for various sponsors and program partners. They will all be filled by many tour and travel agents looking to give their customers value for their money.
Air Asia will not be left out as it will have a booth at the Tun Razak Hall 1 at Putra World Trade Centre. What this means is that it will be open for business to all attending guests.
You can get on spot booking for a small booking fee of RM10(S$4) to your desired destination at an amazing discount. This is also a very good opportunity for those who have bought AirAsia tickets and are looking for an amazing travel package to your desired destination. You will also get an amazing 20% off all AirAsia flights to some selected destinations. This applies to both local and international destinations.
There will be offers to many local flights like from Kuala Lumpur to East Malaysia which includes Kinabalu, Labuan, Kuching, Kota, SIbu, Miri and Tawau. There will also be AirAsia discounts to flights from the various airline hubs like in Johor Baru, Kuala Lumpur Kota Kinabalu and Penang to many international places like Cambodia, Indonesia, India, Thailand, China and Vietnam just to name a few. According to Star Online, all these amazing destinations will be applicable for a 20% discount.
Discounts will also be offered to Air Asia X which is a cheap, long-haul carrier belonging to the AirAsia Group. The discount is also of 20 per cent. The routes that are applicable to the discounts are to China, Taiwan, Korea, Australia, Nepal( applicable between March 18 to September 30) and Japan( applicable between April 8 and September 30)
AirAsiaGo will also be at the MATTA fair 2013 to offer best travel deals and flight promotions.
The MATTA fair though a four day program can really help you save you a lot of money to many destinations as mentioned earlier. It is highly advised that AirAsia customers attend it as they will get many great promotions that will help them in saving money. The AirAsia MATTA fair 2013 promises to offer great flight promotions and travel packages that will suit your entire budget. You can also get good flight promotions for AirAsia flights including holiday packages through during this period. This will be a great advantage to those who cannot make it and are looking for a good travel package deals and promotions. Make sure that you are there to get all these amazing deals at the AirAsia MATTA Fair 2013.

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