Airasia – Amazing Thailand Grand Sale 2013

Air Online Booking has received latest news regarding ticket fare promotion by Airasia. However this 2013 promo by Airasia only valid in Vietnam country. For those in Vietnam, always keep your alert since Airasia will be giving up to 80 percent disount to fly all over Thailand.
To interested Vietnamese travelers, you can visit to book the ticket starting from next now until May 5, 2013. According to Airasia, travel period is anywhere from July 1st until October 31 2013.
airasia promo fare to thailand
According to, this special ticket fare promo price can be given because of venturing between Airasia and Tourism Authority of Thailand. That is what lead to the Amazing Thailand Grand Sale.
For Vietnamese who plan to visit Thailand, we have compiled some great place that you can visit in Thailand. So make sure you book a ticket to Thailand as soon as possible so that you can have wonderful travel experience in Thailand.

Best Places to Visit in Thailand

Krabi Island – This island is surrounded by others islands that are very beautiful. To get here, you can take a cab or the people in Thailand called it as ‘Tut Tut’. I know the name sound funny, but that’s how they call a cab. And in Krabi Island if you ever feel hungry, there are lot of food stall to give you energy again. You can find out more details about Krabi Island on Hanim Md Zain.
krabi island
Bangkok – This is the city that has the largest population in Thailand. Bangkok is a city for food lovers. If you are one that like to enjoy unique and delicious food, Bangkok is a place that you must go. Another great thing in Bangkok is you can the river taxi. Actually is just a boat. I believe it will feel great to take a boat to move from town to town. This is going to be one of the pleasant experience you will never forget.
rive taxy thailand
Chiang Mai Night Safari – There are lot of places that you can visit just in Chiang Mai, but the one that excites me the most is the night safari. I am curious to know how the night safari going to be compared to the night safari in Zoo Taiping, Perak. Okay, let us took a glance in the night safari in Chiang Mai. According to what I read in Tripadvisor, you will be driven around the zoo and then you will have the opportunity to feed the animals by hand. I am sure the thrill feeling to feed the animal will stay on your mind forever. However, you need to pay extra fee to do so. But it is not that bad and the experience to do so will be worth it.
chiang mai
I know you want to visit those beautiful and amazing travel spot. So stop waiting and book your Airasia ticket online while the promotion is still going on. Stop thinking about works too much since all works and no play is what makes Jack a dull boy. You don’t want to be dull boy right?

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