MAS Airlines Online Booking

If you decided to use Malaysia Airlines for your next flight, it’s best if you know that you can actually do the booking online. Some people don’t know they actually can book Malaysia Airlines ticket online instead of going to the KLIA or telephone booking. Just imagine how much gas and time you have wasted if you buying the airline ticket without using the online booking system. Furthermore, this giant company always thrown away damn good promotions that you do not want to miss. Sometimes you can save lot of dollars and ringgit just by checking existing flight promotions before doing any booking.

Malaysia Airline online booking system is easy to use. You just need to register on their website and lot of details are there to help and guide you. MAS website has a really good and nice user interface that make booking process easy and smooth. The only drawback is you need to certify credit card as VISA and Master Card in order to book the flight ticket online. I am not sure why MAS don’t accept Maybank2u or PayPal. If they do, probably their customers will be increased in no time.

There are a few advantages if you book your flight ticket online:

  • Sometime MAS give booking promotion and hot deals. If you visit the website on the right time, you should consider yourself to be lucky.
  • You can check flight status and time schedule for planes depart and arrive
  • Easy to track your payment and manage your flight booking

Malaysia Airlines booking promotion

This is some online booking promotion for MAS airlines. The price is good but you may need to book a few months early to enjoy the competitive price. Below are some of the flight promotions by MAS.

Malaysia Airlines Golden Holidays – This is one of the promotion by MAS. This promotion rarely occur. However right now they had thrown out the word ‘golden’, thus only called as MAS Holidays. For more information regarding Mas Holidays, please click here.

Malaysia Airlines contact number

If you need to book Malaysia Airlines ticket, you can also use SMS.

Malaysia Airlines has a fleet of 84 aircraft that include 77 passenger aircraft and 7 cargo planes. The fleet of Malaysia Airlines consists of Airbus A330-200 (3), Airbus A330-300 (11), Boeing 737-400 (37), Boeing 737-800 (3), Boeing 747-400 (13) and Boeing 777-200 ER (17).

News regarding Malaysia Airlines flight

This is the latest news that we heard going around the media. It looks like this flight company will introduce double daily Airbus A380 for its Kuala Lumpur-London journey. The changes will starting on this November 24. By introducing the double daily Airbus, the number of weekly seat for Kuala Lumpur-London journey will be increased around 16 percent. That means additional 1000 seats for the journey.

As final word, I will like to encourage you to watch this video. Look how this first class flight company works. No wonder they have always been associated with quality and no wonder they are number 1 in Malaysia.

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