Malaysia Airlines Enrich Redemption – Earn rewards

Travelling and exploring the world is one of the most fulfilling things to experience. Being able to explore new places, meeting new people, tasting different variety of dishes and experiencing the different services from around the world. But sometimes, traveling can also be stressing especially when you booked on an airline company with poor services. It will make your dream experience into a nightmare. It would make you wish you just stayed home rather than experiencing this traumatic tour.

Do you think it is possible to earn rewards while traveling around the world? That sounds like a scam right? But actually it is possible if you choose MAS Airlines for your traveling. So in choosing your airline flights, it is better to book flights with the right airline company. One of the airline companies with the best services offered is the Malaysia Airlines. The crew are well-mannered, they offer different help to those passengers who are in need of special attentions, and they even reward you for flying with them.

Malaysia Airlines offers Enrich membership to their customers, which allows them to earn points and rewards while experiencing a good service. The Enrich program starts with the Blue Card Membership, and will upgrade to the Silver Card, Gold Card or the Premium Card depending on the frequency of your flight. Every flight allows you to earn reward points, which you can redeem in exchange for award flights or flight upgrades. Since it is so easy to book MAS Airlines ticket online, you should take this opportunity into consideration. Just imagine how much you have lost on ticket fare but never got any bonus for it.

This redemption system is very good especially if you are an avid travelers. Besides the gifts and privileges mentioned above, you may also choose to redeem your points as vouchers for excess baggage ad Temptations in-flight shopping, or an experience of the Malaysia Airlines Flight Simulator, and so much more.

With your Premium Enrich card, you may also avail of the different privileges that the airline has to offer. While waiting for you flight, you may stay at their luxurious Platinum Lounge together with one of your friends. You can enjoy this even if you are traveling in economy class. You will also be given a priority waiting list in case of cancellation of your flight or a fully booked flight. And the most rewarding privilege is that you have a 100% excess baggage allowance. No need to pay so much for your excess baggage because you can carry it for free. This would really give you a big savings.

If you just started with the Blue Enrich card, no need to worry, because you may still receive reward points with your every flight, and redeem your award flights, class upgrade, companion travel award flight or exchange it for a voucher.

Malaysia Airlines Enrich Redemption may also be done online through the Enrich Online website. Simply log in, and then choose the award that you wish to redeem. An easy way to accept your passive reward, earned reward while enjoying your life.

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