Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380 promotion

Flight Founder have a good news here. As a fan of Malaysia Airlines flight, we are happy when we hear Malaysia Airlines has upgraded all Australian flights to Airbus A380.

In case you have little knowledge about Airbus A380, let me tell you a bit about them.

This is just a glimpse on how class the First Class seat is on the Airbus A380.
You can enjoy high quality DVD movie while seating on a comfy seat.

If you need more info about the Airbus, you can watch the Youtube video below.
This is a great watch since the video greatly explains about all of the class and package available for this flight.
Credit to Super Aviation World for this awesome video review regarding MAS Airbus A380.

Besides A380, Malaysia Airlines Airbus A330 is good as well.

Quoting from

“However, the airline has also tweaked its timetable “to provide better connectivity for our customers traveling beyond Kuala Lumpur. Some flights now run at different times, while some non-daily services have changed their days of operation – travellers are advised to check with their booking agent or Malaysia Airlines.”

MAS Airbus A330 has 36 wide seats. You can change the seats into a flat seat so that it will become more convenient to sleep comfortably. Besides that, passengers can call the chef anytime they want and order wide range of meals and dishes. MAS is well known with their quality food, so this a good bargain for travelers that choose Malaysia Airlines as their flight.

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