KLIA Transit schedule and Fare

One of the most convenient ways of travelling between the city center (Kuala Lumpur) and the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) is by using KLIA Transit train. It is the safest and most comfortable way of travelling to the Low Cost Center Terminal (LCCT). The train takes approximately 35 minutes to cover the distance of 36 miles (57 kilometers) between Kuala Lumpur Central Train Station; KL Sentral and the Airport. You can buy train tickets from the tickets office at a fixed price. KLIA Transit is used by millions of travelers mainly because it is a fast, convenient, and comfortable way of travelling especially for people who want to avoid the hassles and delays of traffic.

KLIA Transite: Convenience and Luxury

KLIA transit is a modern and luxurious train. The trains are very long, quiet and peaceful mainly because only few people use it at any one time. The television screens on the train air many different tourism programs about Malaysia. Therefore, visitors get the chance to learn about tourist attractions and destinations in Malaysia. Travelers never have to wait for long because KLIA train departs every 30 to 35 minutes from KL Sentral and from the airport and is almost always on time.

However, KLIA Transit is mainly used by airport personnel and commuters who are mainly residents of Kuala Lampur who work outside the city mostly in Cyberjaya and Putrajaya.

KLIA transit stops at three stations between KL sentral and KLIA. This includes Salak Tinggi, Cyberjaya, Putrajays, and Bandar Tasik. From Salak Tinggi which is the last stop, there are always busses ready to leave for the Low Cost Terminal (LCCT).

KLIA Transit Schedule

If you want to take KLIA Transit but are not sure about their schedule or timetable, here the information that you need. The info is based on station:

  • KL Sentral –  First train at 04:33 and last train at 00:03.
  • Bandar Tasik Selatan – First train at 04:40 and last train at 00:10.
  • Putrajaya and Cyberjaya – First train at 04:50 and last train at 00:20.
  • Salak Tinggi – First train at 04:59 and last train at 00:29
  • KLIA – First train at 05:08 and last train at 00:38.

New train will arrive at each station on every 20 to 30 minutes.

KLIA Transit Fares

Fares usually depend on the distance to be travelled. However, fares are reduced for Malaysian citizens who are over the age of 50 and disabled citizens. On the other hand, frequent users have the option of purchasing KLIA Transit travel Card which is either on monthly or weekly basis. Holders of these cards have the privilege of enjoying discounted fares between specified stations.

On the other hand, people travelling as groups (with friends and family) can enjoy big savings on the return ticket. However, this is only applicable between KLIA station and KL Sentral.

The rail system has a transport corridor that meanders through plantations and agricultural land. KLIA transit system uses the same railway as the KLIA Express. The train service operates at high frequency averaging the speed of 160 kilometers per hour.

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