How to book Airasia tickets online

We know how difficult it is to buy Airasia ticket without using online platform. If you are have day jobs, you need to take lift or excuse just to go to the nearest agent to book or buy the ticket. Thus having an online system to book Airasia tickets is a plus and will greatly benefit customers or soon to be passengers.

So how to book Air Asia flight ticket? Is it hard to do so?

Do you need credit card for the booking process? Actually buying the flight ticket online is not hard at all. But you need to have working credit card for payment. Air Asia used to support payment from CIMB clicks, but currently it looks like they only accept credit card.

airasia_mobile_bookingTo book Air Asia ticket online, clients will first have to browse their website. You can do this using desktop computer or mobile phone. However for connectivity purpose, it’s better if you use desktop computer which have stable internet connectivity so that no interruption occurs during payment processing.

After navigating the Air Asia website, you will have to see the prices tagged on the destination of travelers. Once you are able to get your travel feature, give a call to speak with an agent. This will help you understand the details of things mentioned on the Air Asia website. You will now print your itinerary with a confirmation number to help the online booking process work quickly and perfectly. It is also important to have the print in your hand because Air Asia is a ticket-less airline.

Don’t forget to print the ticket. What you should do next?

The next step is to take along with you the booked and printed itinerary confirmation to any Air Asia office or sales outlet to buy the ticket in person. Basically, Air Asia is predominantly held in Malaysia running a domestic course for travelers. It is also now running internal traveling mode all through Asia continent. So knowing your destination is highly important. Since there are many flights that picks off from the capital Kuala Lumpur, identifying you main point or destination will help to facilitate the online booking.

You can now fly out of Malaysia to your destination. You can check on some other south Asia countries with the booking done at Air Asia . You can get yourself accustomed with the departure cities where Air Asia operates on. It is also a difficult thing for Air Asia to fly from non-Malaysia regions. It is important to make any change 48 hours prior to your departure.

buy airasia flight ticket

Clients will also be attracting some extra fee for the change done.If your quest is on changing the destination of your travel, it is important to know at this juncture that Air Asia will never do it. You will have to book for another flight without be considered for a refund. On this note, clients and visitors should take their time when planning to use Air Asia online booking. By the way, you can use ‘Manage My Booking‘ system to manage your flight ticket.

If you still have trouble to book Airasia flight, you can watch this short Youtube video that shows how to do so. The video maybe a bit old but I believe the process is still the same.

Clients and visitors are given the grace to check in 45 minutes to 2 hours prior departure for proper check in. In case you came in late, there will be no consideration for refund. Having all these basic ideas, it is highly important to think twice prior booking online for your travel with Air Asia. Remember that your baggage should not be above 33 lbs prior leaving with Air Asia. If it is above this amount, you will be charged for carrying extra luggage. Be careful while making your online booking with Air Asia so as to get the best offer.

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