AirAsia Zero Fare promotion for 2013

airasia zero fareAs one of the world’s most popular and fastest growing airlines, AirAsia offers travel around the Asian continent and on to Australia for prices that can only be described as fantastically cheap. Based in Malaysia, AirAsia serves around 78destination cities from its various hubs, and with international affiliates based in Thailand, Indonesia, The Philippines and India – AirAsia has an unbeatable local and international network making business and travel across the region even easier. But it’s their low prices that grab the attention and ensure repeat custom, with a reliable service and reliably low fares easily found at short notice via their excellent website.

For the AirAsia Zero Fare promotion for 2013, this flight company is offering up to 200 thousands ZERO fare seats for limited time. For this promotion, passengers only need to pay for airport tax and fuel surcharge from RM26  lowest all-in-fare onwards.
Booking Period : 18 – 24 February 2013
Travel Period : 1 March – 31 July 2013

Even keeping regular pricing low isn’t always enough though, with the company offering their AirAsia zero fare promotion recently – one of AirAsia’s many popular promotions. The most recent of these was in February 2013 and was an offer to take up one of 200,000 seats on AirAsia flights for precisely zero dollars/ringgit/baht, paying only the relevant taxes and duties for a single flight.
Among AirAsia’s strengths is the ability to deliver cheap fares, sometimes as cheap as the train or bus over a similar distance – but for a fraction of the time and of course in much more comfort. Cutting travel time from, for example, Krabi in Thailand to Kuala Lumpur by a whole day and for much the same cost, AirAsia have been changing the way travel is done across Asia as a whole. Travelling in Asia tends to be cheap, but uncomfortable, with long distance buses plying well travelled paths across varied landscapes from mountains to jungle to plains. With the advent of cheap air travel in the region travel between popular tourist destinations is fast, efficient and relatively painless. And with frequent departures, normally departures every day – AirAsia has become the de facto method of transport for travellers in Asia.
It’s not just the backpacker routes though that are served by the airline. Major cities across Asia have become hubs for AirAsia, from Hong Kong and Tokyo to Manila and Jakarta – all the way to the Australian metropolises of Melbourne, Perth and Gold Coast.
One of the ways AirAsia keeps it’s costs down is by avoiding expensive airports – when serving London, briefly, AirAsia flew into the cheaper to use Stanstead and then Gatwick airports over Heathrow – which is notoriously congested and expensive for airlines to travel through. In Australia, the airline avoids the more popular Sydney airport in favour of Melbourne and other major airports, and recently they have switched from Bangkok’s modern Suvarnabhumi airport to the revamped Don Muang – saving over heads and helping keep costs low for passengers.
AirAsia also keep their service quality high, despite their low fares – and keep customers coming back for more with offers like the AirAsia zero fare promotion and excellent fares. Booking in advance would normally yield excellent fare options, or even booking at the last minute can be cheaper than using land based travel. As a growing force in the global travel industry and one of Asia’s most successful aviation businesses, AirAsia is one to watch…

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