AirAsia X IPO ticket promotion for 2014

The coming IPO for 2013/2014 for the Air Asia comes with numerous blessings. Air Asia has decided to offer an Air Asia X promotion following the IPO (Initial Public Offering) of its stocks. The announcement of the initial public offering of the shares and stocks of the Air Asia X does not only good news to the investors but also for travelers. Air Asia X has offered reduced fares to many destinations of the world. This promotion benefits people who travel to various destinations as outlined below.

airasia x ipo ticket promo

For travelers travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo-Heneda, the promotional 1-way ticket costs RM229.00. This trip normally costs RM649.00. Can’t you see how much you can save? It is around RM420.00.the most amazing is the return ticket costing RM346.00 unlike the normal price of RM766.00. This also saves you the same amount as the previous ticket. The normal back and forth trip costs RM1, 415 as compared to the promotional price of RM575.00. This amounts a total save of 59 percent. Is this not incredible?

Flying from Kuala Lumpur to Shanghai, one-way promotional ticket price amounts to RM199.00. The usual ticket costs around RM599.00. Actually, this promotion can save your bank; save of RM400 is not a joke! The return promotional ticket is available at RM294. Being flexible with you date of travelling, gets a higher chance of getting the ticket. The return ticket is as low as RM694.00. All of this accounts for about 67 percent savings. The total promotional costs of the tickets are RM493.00 against the normal RM1, 293.

A traveler travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Busan can also enjoy the unusual and rare promotional on the round trip tickets. RM169.00 is the promotional one-way ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Busan against the normal RM499.00. This gets to save you a total of RM330. The usual return ticket is RM538 while the promotional price costs RM208. In the round trip, you get to save about 68 percent. The sum of the usual tickets price is RM1, 037 against the promotional ticket price of RM337.

The last example of how this IPO promotion from the Air Asia X can really get you travel for holiday at cheapest prices is the trip from Kuala Lumpur to Perth Australia. The common one-way tickets are known to go at a price of RM559 against the promotional price of RM249. The one-way trip saves you a total of RM310. However, the promotional ticket for this particular trip is not available. Nevertheless, you will get to save around 25 percent, so you see it is better than the usual price of RM431.

Use this Air Asia X IPO promotion to visit places with a subsidized price. The date of applications for the tickets is from 11 June to 17 June 2013. This could get you to travel at January 2014.

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