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Air Asia Xtra Big Sale 2013 promotion – Book from 2 to 7 April 2013 and travel anytime between 1 Jan to 30 April 2014. Fly from Kuala Lumpur to Osaka, Seoul, Chengdu, Gold Coast, Kathmandu, and Perth. Ticket fare starts from $87.
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AirAsia Big Sale promotion – Besides that, AirAsia is also giving away 2 million seats for promotional price. The Big Sale will cover destination such as Brunei, Cambodia, China, India, Laos, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand.
airasia big sale

One of the world’s most popular and fastest growing airlines, AirAsia has become one of aviation’s biggest business success stories. Covering most of Asia and Australasia, Air Asia operates from several hub airports – namely Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu, with affiliate AirAsia programs also operating out of major cities like Bangkok, Seoul, Tokyo and Manila.
Part of AirAsia’s big appeal is it’s extremely low fares, with regular sales making these fares even lower. The upcoming AirAsia Big Sale 2013 is scheduled for later on in the year although AirAsia do regularly release packages of cheaper than usual fares, often to promote new routes or to fill seats on the more popular routes.
Similar to the European EasyJet model or Australia’s JetStar, AirAsia operates a no frills service, charging additional fees for checked in luggage, in flight meals and entertainment. However due to their low cost and accesible service AirAsia has been frequently credited with opening up Asia to poorer Asians – people who perhaps could not have traveled before have now found that international travel is not only cheaper, but easier. AirAsia operate over 400 flights daily across the Asian continental region with flights also making previously less popular airports into buzzing international hubs.
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Another of AirAsia’s strengths is that just because it is a Malaysian airline, not all flights go through a Malaysian airport. A short hop for example from somewhere like Chiang Mai to Phuket in Thailand can now be done for the same price as the train fare in a fraction of the time. Likewise, new long haul markets have been opened up between places such as Phnom Penh in Cambodia, for example, and Australia – destinations which might previously only been served by a more expensive national carrier for a much higher cost.
Recent promotions for AirAsia have included cheap fares between select Indian cities such as Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Chennai and onwards to the rest of Asia. As AirAsia expands and takes on new national affiliates in countries such as Indonesia, Japan, Thailand and India – so their regional network expands and the ability to access new local markets becomes easier. This approach has been one of AirAsia’s strengths and one of the key ways that AirAsia has opened up the continent and paved the way for other low cost airlines like Bangkok Airways, Cebu Pacific and Tiger.
As AirAsia expands into new markets, so their fleet expands making their prices more and more competitive – with so many routes the AirAsia Big Sale 2013 will cover even more cities with even more competitive prices than ever. And their fleet isn’t even made up of second hand aircraft like some competitors, AirAsia have been so successful that they frequently add new aircraft to their growing inventory. Operating mostly short and mid haul destinations, most of the fleet is brand new Airbus A-320’s with a few remaining Boeing 737’s running on a few smaller routes.
With a growing business model it has been touted that low cost, no-frills air travel is the mode of transport of the future. At current, operating mainly as short and mid range travel, the business is extremely strong and is only getting stronger. AirAsia have had to recently scale back their operations in Europe due to high costs, but it is surely a matter of time before these markets are opened up once again…

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